Bestselling book on Rome Italy
Bestselling book on Rome Italy
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Travel and Destination Management for International Meetings and Conferences in Italy

Can you imagine a better travel incentive program or team-building adventure? Pack your team and come to Rome. Improve interpersonal relationships in a totally enjoyable and awe-inspiring setting. Energize and strengthen your workforce while they improve their focus on the business objectives ahead.

Communicate important messages to your staff. Motivate, reward and build a better team while enjoying the treats of Roman culture, art and food. What better way to rejuvenate and stimulate your employees while immersed in the beauty of the eternal city. Our events are planned around your specific needs that will ensure your meeting to be rewarding and memorable for years to come.

• Culinary Team Building Adventures
Using cooking to reinforce positive working relationships and foster open dialogue. Building agreement by collaborating on menus, and use of techniques and exercises for creating a successful meal which translates into a recipe for more directed team work and prized projects.

• Innovative Thinking Through Photography
Bringing out the natural creativity in every person using photography and other methods in excursions around the historic center of Rome and nearby scenic hill towns.

• Motivational Retreats
Opening the mind's eye, fulfill long-held goals and banish self-sabotaging habits through inspiring workshops to encourage collaboration, discussion and a more tranquil, focused, thriving work environment.

• Exploring the Civilization of Rome
Understanding the contributions Romans have made to modern civilization and how to preserve the best of the old while keeping abreast of the new. Learning from insiders’ viewpoints through historical walks and keynote talks about Rome.

• Rewarding Events and Incentive Travel
And for a complete extravaganza we can custom design the most suitable venue for your event or romantic evening. Whether in one of the most famous palazzi in Rome or at the perfect location in the Italian countryside, this will be an unforgettable experience with everything from a keynote speaker, music, catering, and entertainment to promotional gifts and packages, to keep your best employees happy and productive.

Your bright and enthusiastic facilitators will guide your staff in finding a more cohesive, positive attitude. Alan Epstein, Ph.D. is a well known author, public speaker and European historian. Your outings will reveal the hidden treasures of Ancient Rome from an individual with a true insight and appreciation of all things Italian. Diane Epstein, M.A. a masters level counselor and coach, is an extraordinary photographer and gourmet cook. Diane and Alan lead seminars that will infuse your team with the skills they need to succeed and work together in achieving your company’s common goals.

Return home with magical memories of this ancient metropolis, perhaps with a copy of the book, As the Romans Do, personally autographed by the author, or unique photographs of Rome signed by the artist, as well as a more empowered and integrated team who is ready to hit the ground running. Imagine a targeted and more collaborative workforce who feels it is well appreciated and recognized. Armed with new insights you can expect outstanding achievements from a more conscious, cohesive group.

Alan Epstein, holds a Ph.D. in European history from New York University and is a successful author, motivational speaker, and expert on Italian life and culture. He is the founder of As the Romans Do, an association that offers corporate and private escorted tours, special events, team building activities and presentations and retreats in Rome and Italy. He has reported on Italian life since 1995 and is a regular Europe correspondent for American radio and T.V. His previous books include the bestselling, "How to Be Happier Day By Day", "How to Have More Love in Your Life", and "Anything Is Possible". Following the cumulative advice of his own popular books, he now lives happily with his family in the heart of Rome, and has developed his reputation as the author of the bestselling book, As the Romans Do: An American Family's Italian Odyssey, which was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Alan has been profiled in national and international magazines, has appeared on several TV programs, and is sought after as a keynote speaker and guest on national and international radio, and is known for his infectious humor, inspirational style and depth of knowledge.

Diane Epstein, M.A has been counseling and coaching individuals, couples and groups for more than 25 years and conducts workshops, seminars and retreats around the world, assisting people in clarifying and reaching greater goals and being more creative in their lives. Diane founded The California Institute for Healthy Living in 1979, developing stress management and communication programs for organizations and businesses, and has been offering team building and incentive programs and retreats in Italy and the US for over twenty years. Diane is presently the creative director and health coach of the As the Romans Do Culinary Adventures, and leads workshops and retreats in Rome and the Italian countryside on creativity and the art of living and and working well. She has been fully immersed in Italian culture since 1995. She has been featured in national and international magazines and T.V, including Redbook, Bon Appetit and the Oprah Winfrey show. Some of her corporate clients include Toyota, the Boston Group, Swiss Re Insurance and Lagostina

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