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It's 2017 but Rome still has some weird rules around the consumption of food. You ask someone around the world if they are hungry and the answers are either yes, no, a little... In Italy one is always hungry, but you must first consult the time! Is it acceptable to eat at this hour, or is it too early? Ok, time for a gelato then. Food here so popular that it's also the number one conversation topic; everything from how amazing your recent meal was, to how bad the food outside Italy can be!

Breakfast is not a meal. It's espresso (called caffe'), caffe' macchiato or cappuccino with or without something sweet, like a cornetto, pastry or donut. Romans drink up to sometimes 5-10 al giorno, (per day) but only 1 or 2 cappuccini (and only in the morning).

Lunch is no earlier than 1 pm or 1:30 pm. Either a sandwich at the local bar; or sliced meat, cheese, sott'oli (tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, olives etc. in oil) inside a rosettaciabatta or white pizza bianca bread at an alimentari or forno, o a casa da' a nonna.. (at grandma's) or a nice primo piatto (plate of pasta), secondo piatto (meat or fish) con contorno (side vegetable) at a ristorante/trattoria. Unless it's by the slice, pizza is only for dinner at a pizzeria!

Most restaurants open for dinner at 7:30 pm to accommodate tourists. Don't trust most places open earlier! The locals will make an 8:30 pm reservation and sometimes show up as late as 9:30 or 10 pm, especially on Friday and Saturdays nights, and in the summer.

Considered below are restaurants that excel in: high quality food, traditionambiance, professionalism and friendliness of staff, and consistency

2017 edition of distinguished restaurants organized by neighborhood

Spanish Steps

Nino. Enduring, dark-paneled restaurant serving Tuscan dishes, plus wines & oils from the owner's estate. Since 1934. Via Borgognona, 11; 06-678-6752 Closed Sundays.

Babette. Creative French/Italian cuisine served in a rustic-chic dining room or a tranquil courtyard. Via Margutta, 3; 06-321-1559 Closed Mondays.

Il Gabriello. Elegant Roman and mediterrean dishes, fresh fish. Via Vittoria 51; 06-6994-0810 Closed Sundays.

Ad Hoc. A modern, intimate and romantic atmosphere, fine cooking and prestigious wines. Via Ripetta 43; 06-323-3040.

Dal Bolognese. Elegant restaurant in burgundy leather & polished wood, serving high-end, Italian cuisine. Piazza del Popolo, 1; 06-322-2799.

Otello alla Concordia. Enduring trattoria serving classic Roman comfort food in a rustic interior & vine-covered courtyard. Via della Croce, 81; 06-679-1178.

Ristorante da Edy. Frequented by famous artists, poets, actors, writers and show business and society people. Vicolo del Babuino, 4; 06-3600-1738; Closed for lunch on Sundays and Mondays.

Piazza Navona-Pantheon

La Campana. A simple, open-plan trattoria with a 500-year history, serving classic Roman dishes. Vicolo della Campana, 18; 06-687-5273; Closed Mondays.

Armando al Pantheon. A long-standing restaurant serving hearty, traditional Roman food in a wood-paneled dining room. Reservations much in advance are essential. Salita dei Crescenzi, 31; 06-6880-3034; Closed Saturday nights and Sundays.

Osteria del Sostegno. Small, tucked away place that attracts the nearby government employees. Via delle Colonelle, 5 06-679-3842; Closed Mondays.

Jewish Ghetto-Campo de' Fiori

Pierluigi. Local & tourist go-to for fresh Italian seafood on pretty piazza terrace or in traditional, elegant interior. Piazza de' Ricci, 144; 06-686-8717.

Roscioli. A multi-functional deli, unconventional restaurant, and rich and varied wine bar. Amazing food! Via dei Giubbonari, 21/22; 06-687-5287; Closed Sunday.

Ristorante al Pompiere. An old world feel dining room on the piano nobile (one floor up). Get the fettuccine al Limone and the deep fried Jewish artichoke. Via di S. Maria de' Calderari, 38; 06-686-8377; Closed Sunday. 

Trattoria Moderna. Traditional Roman dishes with Livio's personal touch. Kids welcome. Has tables outside. Vicolo dei Chiodaroli, 16; 06-6880-3423.

BaGhetto Milky. A Kosher restaurant serving traditional Arabic & Jewish food. Via del Portico d'Ottavia, 57; 06-6889-2868; Closed Friday night and Saturday Lunch.

Ristorante Vecchia Roma. elegant ambiance, traditional Roman cuisine. Via della Tribuna di Campitelli, 18; 06-6864-604; Closed Wednesdays.

Barberini-Trevi Fountain

Colline Emiliane. A simple, enduring eatery that draws diners with its classic, traditional Roman comfort food. Via degli Avignonesi, 22; 06-481-7538; Closed Sunday night and Mondays.

Piccolo Arancio. Great restaurant in a tucked away alleyway with tables outside; Vicolo Scanderbeg, 112; 06-678-6139; Closed Mondays.

Hostaria Romana. Simple, compact eatery where wall graffiti is encouraged. Funny yet professional waiters. Via del Boccaccio, 06-474-5284; Closed Sundays.

Osteria Barberini. Truffles! Via della Purificazione, 21; 06-474-3325; Closed Sundays.


Ristorante Meridionale. Southern Italian food on a quiet street. Via dei Fienaroli, 30/a; 06-589-7196; Closed for lunch and on Mondays.

Taverna Trilussa. High-end, rustic taverna decorated with legs of prosciutto, famed for pasta served in steel pans. Via del Politeama, 23 06-581-8918; Closed Sundays.

Ristorante le Mani in Pasta. Smart, intimate restaurant with exposed stonework & arches, for local seafood & pasta specialties. Via dei Genovesi, 37; 06-581-6017; Closed Mondays.

Ristorante Roma Sparita. A pasta & pizza restaurant with pastel-toned, country-style interiors, set on a tranquil piazza. Piazza di Santa Cecilia, 24; 06-580-0757; Closed Sunday night and Mondays.

Impicetta. Traditional Roman food and grilled meats. Via dei Fienaroli, 7; 06-4201-3406; Closed Mondays.

Da Enzo al 29. A simple, tucked-away eatery with sidewalk tables, serving Roman classics such as fried artichoke. Via Dei Vascellari 29; 06-581-2260; Closed Sunday.

Monti-Colosseo-Santa Maria Maggiore

La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali. Family owned, great food and atmosphere. We used to go all the time when we lived just around the corner. Say hi to Alessio from me! Via della Madonna dei Monti, 9; 06-6798-643; Closed Tuesdays.

Ristorante Cuoco e Camicia. Set in a quiet corner, they make everything from scratch. The menu is always changing, which mixes tradition and creativity and a wide choice of wines. Via di Monte Polacco, 2; 06-8892-2987; Closed for lunch Saturday through Tuesday.

Trattoria Vecchia Roma. Classically intimate trattoria & pizzeria with frescoes on burgundy walls & bare-brick arches. Via Ferruccio, 12; 06-446-7143; Closed Sundays.


Il Sorpasso. Cocktail bar with great choices of jams, dips, cheeses and meats with fabulous ingredients; tables outside on the sidewalk. Via Properzio, 31; 06-8902-4554; Closed on Sundays.

Solo Crudo. The best vegan restaurant I have tasted in Rome. Delicious and healthy! Via Federico Cesi, 22; 06-8897-4793 Closed Monday nights.


Perilli. Traditional Roman food and vibe. Via Marmorata, 39; 06-575-5100; Closed Wednesdays.

La Villetta. Lots of great Roman food and atmosphere since 1940. Viale della Piramide Cestia, 53; 06-5728-7585.


O'Vino. It's our favorite place in our neighborhood. Recently opened, small place just off the main strip of Via del Pigneto, their food is amazing, good quality with a touch of innovation. Via Pesaro, 8; 366-368-3285;  Closed for lunch and on Mondays.

Osteria Bonelli. No tourists, daily menu, just the right amount of chaos, great food and vibe. Not close to the center! Via dell'Acquedotto Alessandrino, 172; 329-863-3077 Closed on Sundays.

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