Bestselling book on Rome Italy
Bestselling book on Rome Italy

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As the Romans Do
The Delights, Dramas, & Daily Diversions of Life in the Eternal City

Would you like to see Rome the way the Romans see it? Go to the places and stroll along the streets and alleys that reveal the charm of the city? Eat the characteristic local cuisine in a neighborhood trattoria? And hear interesting current and historical tidbits that make Rome come alive as you take it all in? Then treat yourself to AS THE ROMANS DO -- unique private walking tours. In one, two days or more, you will experience three thousand years of history -- from the Ancient through the Medieval, and on to the Renaissance and the Baroque -- sprinkled with lively impressions about the fashionable, alluring Romans of today.

The many layers of Roman life come alive as you move from one fascinating spectacle to another. You will feel part of a culture that is so old that its origins begin in legend, while you treat yourself to the many pleasures of the incomparable Eternal City. Alan's latest book, AS THE ROMANS DO: The Delights, Dramas, and Daily Diversions of Life in the Eternal City (William Morrow) takes you into the heart and soul of the city, but you can experience the vibrancy firsthand with the author's son, Julian. If you are planning a trip to Italy, take advantage of the knowledge, humor, and insider's view of someone who grew up and lives in Rome.

Contact Julian Epstein with your Italy plans and to find out his availability to show you around.

A note from the author of As the Romans Do

I've noticed that when I take people around Rome and surrounding areas they usually say that they are seeing the city and Italy the way someone living here would see it, that through my ability to translate what is happening into a language they can understand, my passionate feeling about the beauty of Italy is transmitted directly to them. Every one of the myriad people who have experienced Rome through my eyes has said the same thing, the most approving statement they could make -- "I can't wait to come back."

Alan Epstein
Rome, Italy


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"Alan, we can't thank you enough. We've done London and Paris on our own (pretty well, I must say) but this was the best. From breakfast at a local bar to the monuments to the behind the scenes nooks and crannies we were captivated by your knowledge and enthusiasm. My wife and I, our daughter and her friend were spellbound. You took us down small alleys and into courtyards filled with ancient statuary that we would never have found. We saw sites the bus tours miss and the tour guide books don't even mention. To go into so many churches and monuments and still keep the girl's attention is pretty amazing. You did it with your understanding of the art, architecture, politics of the time, and intrigue between the Popes and the artists that created Rome. Our time with you changed our future travel plans for the better. When you said you knew someone to show us Pompeii, you didn't say Judith was the best on the planet. How we envy you all. To talk money, your fees, a little daunting at first glance, were the best travel investment we ever made. You made every minute count three times over. We hope to see you again. On our trip home we decided to retire to Italy. Really!"

Calvin and Jamie Flowers
Clock Shop Owner & Elementary School Teacher
Memphis, Tennessee

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